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Hoje quero dividir com vocês os trabalhos feitos pelo meus alunos da segunda série do ensino médio. Os erros foram apontados para cada grupo. Congratulations, students! Your work is amazing.

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Extra activities

Past Continuous X Simple Past on PhotoPeach


1ª Série

Past continuous

Esses videos  e atividades foram publicados no blog do professor Claudio Azevedo



I.              Watch the movie segment and write down all the activities that people were doing at the the train station at 7:00 am. Then share your sentences with two partners and come up with as many sentences as possible.

Ex: Some people were carrying suitcases.

1.    _______________________________________________________
2.    _______________________________________________________
3.    _______________________________________________________
4.    _______________________________________________________
5.    _______________________________________________________
6.    _______________________________________________________


Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

I.              Watch the segment. Then match the machines Flint Lockwood invented with what they can or can't do.

spray-on shoes

it translates thoughts
a remote control television

it turns water into food
hair un-balder

it can’t fly
a flying car

they can fly
a monkey thought translator

it can walk
they don’t get off
a machine

it grows too much hair

II. Now combine both parts, using restrictive relative clauses. Start the sentences with the given sentence:

He invented...

Ex: 1. He invented spray-on shoes that don't get off.

                 2  ___________________________________________________________
3 ___________________________________________________________
4 ___________________________________________________________
5 ___________________________________________________________
6 ___________________________________________________________
                7 _____________________________________________________

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